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2014-2015 School Board Approved Budget

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Additional School Board documents are available thorughout this website as well as through BoardDocs.

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School Board Communications

The School Board met on Monday, May 13, 2013 for their regular monthly meeting.

Recognitions: Madison County Public Schools announced the 2012-13 Teacher-of-the-Year.  Chosen from the four employees nominated for "Teaching" as part of the "Teaching, Learning & Caring" awards.

We are proud to have Mr. Jared Morris, American History Teacher at William Wetsel Middle School, as our 2012-2013 Teacher-of-the-Year.


Madison Primary

Waverly Elementary

Wetsel Middle

Madison County High

Beth Dickey

Chris Donner

Jared Morris

Joe Novack

Beth Racer

Marty Ward

Jen Rehm

Julie Heffron

Holly Mack

Sarah Hallum

Scott Honaker

Kathy Blankenbaker

Jeannette Michels

Tori Gelbert


Mary Davis

Jessica Gentry



Tamie Campbell



Madison Primary

Waverly Elementary

Wetsel Middle

Madison County High

Fran Roebuck

Abbie Jewett

Janine Rowson

Ashley Unger

Jessica Gentry

Adam Midock

Jen Rehm

Dawn Tucker

Judy Reed

Chris Donner

Katie Walker

Gail Temple


Jeff Tilbe


Mary Davis


Joey McMath


Nancy Lowey


Kim Knighting





Madison Primary

Waverly Elementary

Wetsel Middle

Madison County High

Jeannette Michels

Clare Lillard

Brenda Tyree

Ashley Unger

Jennifer Taylor

Katie Gigliotti

Emma Elliott

Gail Temple

Joan Cook

Katie Honaker

Jeanette Alexander

John Barnes

Karen Organ-Lohr

Kim Knighting

Jim Sanderson

Sarah Henshaw

Patty Butterworth

Lula Marks



Tammy Dyer

Marty Ward




Nicole Keys




Rebecca Bader




The names printed in red were peer-selected as the school's representative in each category.

The School Board also recognized our school nurses as part of National School Nurse Day, which was Wednesday, May 8. Our school nurses are: 

Portia Weaver, Madison Primary School; 
Margorie Curtis
, Wavery Yowell Elementary School;
and Melanie Gooding-Shifflett, William Wetsel Middle School and Madison County High School.

Presented to the Board as Information
: Out-of-District tuition rates for 2013-14 recommended to increase by $100 over the current rate of $4,200.

The following items were approved by the Board:

  • Science textbooks for grades 3-12
  • The Special Education Plan for 2013-2014
  • The Local Choice as the health care provider for MCPS for 2013-2014
  • Personnel to include appointments, substitute appointments, resignations, retirements, classified re-appointments, and 2013 summer school teachers

Senior Leadership Day

Today is Senior Leadership Day in MCPS.  In its third year, seniors are offered the opportunity to assume the roles of our education professionals across the division, in every school and School Board Office.

“This is a special tradition in Madison and very powerful.”

-Madison Primary School Principal Mike Allers

Senior Jordan Gray was selected as Madison’s Student Superintendent of Schools (pictured with his “assistant” for the day, Dr. Eberhardt.)

Student Superintendent Jordan Gray’s message to all staff:

I am pleased to be able to serve as your superintendent for today. I want all staff to know that I am deeply concerned about all of your cares, and I wish to serve you all today with the uttermost distinction. Here in Madison we have some of the best teachers and staff to be found in any school division across the country. Our staff is committed to the serving students, and helping them grow in their education. Our staff does an amazing amount of work to ensure that no student is left behind. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to have attended Madison County Public Schools. Please have a fun day with all of the seniors helping out around the division. Always remember that what you do and have done has and will continue to grow students in to bright individuals. Once again it does me great honor to be able to serve you today.

Have fun!

Jordan M. Gray, Senior at MCHS

Director of Instruction, Renee Honaker noted the importance of the experience, not only for students but for staff.  “I look forward to this day and the Leadership meeting all year when students meet to provide valuable insight as we plan for the next school year.  It means a lot to me.”


Debate: State Champion, State Runner-up, Outstanding Senator

MCHS was represented this weekend at the Virginia High School League State Debate Tournament by three Region B qualifiers.  Placing for Madison in the Centennial Anniversary tournament of the league were:

  • Tristan James, Group A State Champion in Congress
  • Jordan Taylor, Group A State Runner-up Champion in Congress

Only one state award is decided by the students.  The Outstanding Senator in each group is nominated and voted upon by each chamber.  Madison's Greg Essner was voted Outstanding Senator for Group A.  

And yet again, excellence in academic competition! - Superintendent Eberhardt.

Madison was edged out of team sweeps by one point.  Group A State Champion in Debate was Wilson Memorial High School with 16 points, State Runner-up second place Riverheads High School with 13 points followed by Madison in third with 12 points.  


Change in School Calendar

Due to the number of days missed during the current school year for inclement weather, the School Board voted at their last meeting on Monday, April 15, 2013, to extend the school year by one day.  The last day of school for students is now Friday, June 14, 2013.


School Board Communications

The School Board met on Monday, April 15, 2013 for their regular monthly meeting.


The following student artists for their contributions to the School Board Art Gallery for 2013:

MPS:  Lily Smith, Kindergarten
MPS:  Taylor Cave, 1st Grade
MPS:  Anica Settle, 1st Grade

WYES:  Kerstin Utz, 4th Grade
WYES:  Jacob Jarrell, 3rd Grade
WYES:  Adam Rockwell, 5th Grade

WMS:  Meagan Dyer, 8th Grade
WMS:  Sarah Good, 8th Grade
WMS:  Harper Kerr, 7th Grade
WMS:  Sarah Coates, 8th Grade

MCHS:  Jyssika Perkins, 11th Grade
MCHS:  Logan Coates, 10th Grade
MCHS:  Dylan Broyles, 12th Grade
MCHS:  Hadley McLain, 10th Grade

MCHS Forensics team which won its 15th state championship in Forensics.  Placing for Madison were:

  •  Tristan James & Tyler Kemp, state champions in Serious Duo
  • Sierra Weaver, state champion in Extemporaneous Speaking
  • Nick Jett, state champion in Poetry Interpretation
  • Jordan Gray, state champion in Prose Interpretation
  • Jackie Dews, 2nd place in Prose Interpretation
  • Summer Davis, 2nd place in Oratory
  • Jacob Corbin & Wyatt Taylor, 5th place in Humorous Duo
  • Greg Essner & Bryanna Smith, 5th place in Serious Duo
  • Jordan Taylor, 6th place in Dramatic Interpretation

Members of the Swim Team, to include Kara Morgan McHaney who was the Region B Champion in the 500 freestyle and set a new region record.

J.P. Utz for being the State Runner-Up in Wrestling.

Presented to the Board as Information:

  • Science textbooks for grades 3-12 are up for adoption & available for review until May 13, 2013.
  • The Special Education Plan for 2013-2014.
  • A request from Madison Parks and Recreation Authority, who would like permission from the School Board to hook up to the RSA water supply at MPS.

The following items were approved by the Board:

  • New course offerings for MCHS students to include:  AP Chemistry, Dual Enrollment Pre-Calculus, Emergency Medical Technician I, Leadership I and Sports Medicine.
  • Approved a second make-up day to be added on to the end of the school calendar, due to inclement weather.
  • Awarded the MPS roof bid to Roofing Solutions, Inc., of Chatham, Virginia.
  • Adjusted the School Board meeting schedule to include an additional meeting on Wednesday, May 29, 2013 at 8:15 a.m., in order to award the bid for the William Wetsel Middle School Capital Improvement Project.
  • Continued the cost-savings agreement with Rappahannock County School Board for the 2013-2014 school year.
  • Rejected the 4% increase from Coventry Health Care and will begin moving forward with The Local Choice.
  • Approved the Perkins Plan for Career and Technical Education for 2013-2014.
  • Approved three substitute appointments, one resignation, and two retirements.  Also approved the licensed reappointment list for 2013-2014.

 The Board went into closed session to review a request for release from compulsory attendance, specifically for religious exemption.


The next School Board meeting will be Monday, May 13, 2013, at 7:00 p.m, in the Madison County High School auditorium.  The "Teaching, Learning, Caring" and Teacher-of-the-Year awards will be presented.