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Additional School Board documents are available thorughout this website as well as through BoardDocs.

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MCPS Goes Blue for Autism April 2

Each April 2, Autism Speaks celebrates Light It Up Blue along with the international autism community, in commemoration of the United Nations-sanctioned World Autism Awareness Day.

MCPS school families join the international movement.  We encourage all members of our school families to wear blue jeans or something blue on April 2.

Research varies, but some data suggest Autism now affects 1 in 68 children. 

Education and employment are key.  Schools connect children to their communities.  Jobs connect adults to their societies.  Persons with autism deserve to walk the same path.  By including children with different learning abilities … we can change attitudes and promote respect. – United Nations Secretary General, 2014

Please consider wearing blue jeans or something blue on  April 2. 

Our buildings are always blue.  So, let’s stand together and Light it up Blue by supporting children with autism by wearing jeans or something blue in this world-wide movement. – Superintendent Eberhardt


Tour de Madison Collaborates with Madison Schools

In its 28th year, the Tour de Madison is a major attraction for bicyclists and will take place this year on May 16.  Entrants ride from Graves Mountain Lodge and have routes of 20 miles, 45 miles, or 62 miles enjoying our breath-taking vistas and preeminent countryside.

For the first time, Madison School employees will be given a $10 discount for up to 20 school employees who register with Director of Finance Tina Cropp.

This collaboration with the Tour de Madison costs the schools nothing.  It shows everything about their support of school employees and our support of and gratitude for the greater community!  – Superintendent Eberhardt


Madison Schools Support Fast-Turn Around Community Need

The Madison Emergency Services Association (MESA) was recently hit hard with food requests.  MCPS teacher asks that people consider a $10 purchase of a student-made rolling pin where all proceeds go to MESA - great for community and great for student learning.

MESA offers financial assistance to qualified families in need.  In Madison County, families without or about to be without electricity, gas, water or telephone service because of inability to pay bills; and elderly people faced with bills for medicines and medical care they cannot pay can turn to Madison Emergency Services Association (MESA) for help.

In response, Wetsel Middle School/Madison County High School teacher Joe Novack spearheads a quick-turn-around opportunity (and educational experience) with his students to provide.  Mr. Novack put out the following offer on March 24 that ends March 25.

Mr. Novack’s classes will make beautiful hand-turned Cherry Rolling Pins for a $10 donation.  These MCPS student-made rolling pins are approximately 19" long with 3" tapers on each end or rolling pins with no tapers.  They are also available in oak wood. 

After one day, there is enough interest for a $1,000 donation to MESA to help those in greatest need.  We hope this interest doubles before the close on March 25.

Wednesday, March 25 is the last day to place an order.  ALL educational opportunities belong to Madison students.  ALL proceeds will be donated to MESA.  ALL gratitude goes to Mr. Novack. -Superintendent Eberhardt

Contact Joe Novack at to place an order that will engage students and help teach them about the need for community service and pride.


Proposed 2015-2016 School Calendar

The proposed 2015-2016 school calendar was presented to the School Board on Monday, March 9, 2015, as information.  This is a 180-day school calendar, with school beginning on Monday, August 24, 2015, and ending on Friday, June 3, 2016.   To provide feedback, click here. 



2 State Championships in Forensics

MCHS won the National Speech and Debate Association (NSDA) State Championship in Speech for Virginia on March 21.

This is the second state championship this year.  Last week, MCHS won the Catholic Forensic League (CFL) State Championship.  12 students will move on to Grand National Championship in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Both Jason and I are extremely proud of these students, their accomplishments and their work ethic to make it all possible. Madison Pride!  We appreciate the continued support of MCHS faculty, the administration, Central Office Administration, and the school board. Our students are truly Madison Strong! – Coach Hitt and Coach Dart

On Saturday, March 21, twelve entries from Madison went to the final round and placed in awards with many earning a berth to the NSDA National Tournament in Dallas, Texas in June.

Placing for Madison were:

  • Jordan Taylor, first place, Drama – on to Nationals
  • Jacob Corbin, second place, Drama – on to Nationals
  • Devon Bewley, third place, Drama – on to Nationals
  • Bryanna Smith, fifth place, Drama – on to Nationals
  • Molly Thomas, first place, Humor – on to Nationals
  • Shannon Blow, second place, Humor – on to Nationals
  • Summer Davis and Jackie Dews, First Place, Duo – on to Nationals
  • Camryn Powers and Bryanna Smith, second place, Duo – on to Nationals
  • Autumn Chasse and Rebecca Young, third place, Duo – on to Nationals
  • Camryn Powers, second place, Oratory – on to Nationals
  • Jordan Taylor, fourth place, Oratory
  • Sierra Weaver, fourth place, International Affairs Extemporaneous Speaking

11 MCHS students earned a berth to the National Championships in Dallas by placing in the top three in Virginia.

Absolutely amazing!  Once again, our students represent Madison on a national stage.  – Superintendent Eberhardt